Gear Studio Miami | Photography and Video Production Studio Rental
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Photography and Video Production Studio Rental


GEARstudio Miami was founded by Elvis Suarez and Randy Valdes in 2010.  After dealing with the pressures of decreasing video production and photography budgets, and knowing well the difficulties of finding quality studio spaces that would fit their client’s budgets, they decided to join forces and design a production facility that would fit this void in their industries.  The result is a video production and photography studio that meets the highest of industry standards but is available at very affordable rental rates.  Elvis and Randy then purchased all the equipment necessary to accomplish a large variety of looks in this studio, while always maintaining the goal of making it efficient and cost-effective.  The last step was teaming up with John Llambes, an experience 1st Assitant Camera who has taken on the role of studio manager and camera department representative.

Elvis Suarez

photographer / founder


After completing his photography degree in 2006, Elvis began freelancing as a fashion, product and corporate photographer.  His portfolio is varied but he specializes in accomplishing elaborate lighting as he always strives to manipulate and experiment with contrast in order to achieve moving images.  His experience with large productions as well as small shoots has made him a flexible photographer capable of succeeding in a great variety of settings.  Naturally, he has found ways of using his knowledge and abilities in the video world as he often works as an operator and gaffer on commercial video shoots and documentaries.


Have any questions regarding your photography ideas and how to accomplish them in our studio?  Elvis is the right person to ask. His credits in the photography industry range from photographer, to lighting technician, to digital tech, and editor.


Randy Valdes

Cinematographer & Director / Founder


Cultivating a passion for all aspects of filmmaking, Valdes truly defines the new generation filmmaker, showcasing a varied list of credits in many aspects of the video, television and film industry including Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Camera Operator, Editor, Writer and more.


Randy graduated in 2005 from Full Sail Real World Education, and has since freelanced in the industry.  He started as an electric on feature film sets in Orlando and Los Angeles, but quickly moved up to gaffing mostly commercial jobs in the Miami area while also working as a DP in several feature documentaries.  One of those documentaries was The U as part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series which was shot in large part at our very own GEAR Studio Miami.


Patricia Hechavarria

Production Coordinator / Studio Manager

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism and Communication from the University of Havana , Patricia has dedicated her entire professional career to the video production and photography fields.


Starting in Cuba and being trilingual, allowed her the opportunity to work with a vastly diverse list of creatives. She produced many different projects including music videos, documentaries, short films, television shows and commercial productions as well as all types of photography projects.


Her collaboration with GEARstudio Miami comes with a diverse list of responsibilities, but undoubtedly her priority is making sure that there is clear and efficient communication between clients and our team.


John Llambes

1st Assistant Camera / Camera Department Rep


John Llambes is a seasoned Assistant Camera in the Miami area.  After graduating with a 4 year degree from the International University of Art & Design, John has accumulated a varied list of credits that range from Assistant Camera to Operator and Director of Photography.  His knowledge of camera technology is vast and his years of experience in the industry are extremely valuable to the day to day operation here at GEARstudio Miami.


John is the one responsible for putting together our camera packages and making sure they include everything you need to take full advantage of our cameras and lenses.  If you have questions regarding what the best fit for your shoot and budget is, please feel free to ask John and he can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of all the options we offer.